Third Workshop

Orthogonal Polynomials
Approximation and Harmonic Analysis

Inzell April 14-18, 2000

(Friday - Tuesday)

Hotel Chiemgauer Hof

The third Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials will focus on approximation theoretic methods and the relationship to harmonic analysis and applications.
The Workshop will take place in Inzell located in the Alps southeast of Munich.

We have one-hour invited lectures and shorter contributed talks.

The following plenary speakers have accepted:
W. Freeden      (Kaiserslautern)
M. Ismail (Tampa)
F. Marcellan (Madrid)
G. Mastroianni (Potenza)
L. Reichel (Kent)
H. Stahl (Berlin)
V. Totik (Szeged)
W. Van Assche (Leuven)


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Deadline for registration:      January 20, 2000  

Organizing Committee: S. Ehrich, F. Filbir, R. Girgensohn, R. Lasser, J. Obermaier, J. Prestin

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J. Prestin (15.9.1999) ( S. Ehrich (20.04.2000)